About us

Message from our founder:
My love for candles started from an early age and is something I probably inherited from my mum – who also loves candles!
My quest to finding the perfect scented candle led to constant disappointment – halfway through, the candle would no longer smell like it did when I first lit it. I was always looking for a simple luxury smelling candle without all the extras – which was usually an amazing jar without a strong scent to match. I also wanted candles around my home with positive quotes/affirmations that I try to live by as well as sassy slogan quotes.
That then led to SOY & JOY™!
In 2015 I took a candle making course and started to make my own candles – a line of fragrances I love, with quotes that compliment any décor! Looking for a clean and natural candle led me to soy wax, however I found a lot of the soy candles were overpriced and decided to create a luxury yet affordable line of candles.
Each candle is hand poured to order and beautifully packaged – perfect as a gift or as a treat just for you. Once burnt to the end there is a joyful twist and a little charm can be found in the wax. The charms can be attached to a key ring, carried around or placed somewhere in your home. Each candle also comes with a quote card, which is a great addition to a vision board.
I’m a firm believer in positive affirmations and surround myself with them in my home constantly reminding me of what I can and will become!
Hope you enjoy SOY & JOY™ as much as I do XOXO